Kenya Forestry Research Institute

A Centre of Excellence in Forestry Research


Derrick The Enterprise Office aims to consolidate internal income towards sustainability and profitability. The Office strategy focuses on instituting turn–around entrepreneurial and business approaches with the aim of improving on efficiency and effectiveness in production and delivery.
Presently, KEFRI has several enterprises that generate income most of which are related to technological innovations in forestry research.

These enterprises include;

* Sale of tree seed and seedlings.
* Sale of timber and timber products, including TNGs, fancy items, doors and frames.
* Timber treatment services including; treatment of poles and timber sawing, drying, grading and testing.
* Provision of laboratory analysis services including; soils, plant and microbial DNA.
* Consultancy in forestry and allied natural resources.
* Conducting tailor-made and demand driven courses in forestry and allied natural resources.
* Hiring of conference facilities including catering and audio-visual services in Kitui and Muguga Centres.
* Hiring of landscaped gardens for events and photo sessions at Kitui and Muguga Centres.
* Accommodation facilities.