Our Innovations - KEFRIApp

Background Information

In its efforts to operationalize its mandate in Forestry Research & Development, KEFRI developed a mobile and web based application called KEFRIApp. KEFRIApp is a mobile platform that seeks to establish a species site matching guide for sustainable tree growing.

The main objective of KEFRIApp is to provide information that enhances science based smart greening activities by stakeholders in forest-based enterprises and initiatives in agroforestry, commercial forestry and landscape restoration to achieve 2030 goals and Big 4 Agenda.

Our purpose is to promote resilient tree growing in the country for enhanced livelihood and climate change mitigation.

KEFRIApp supports the National Strategy for achieving and maintaining 10% tree cover by 2022. This is in response to the need to identify and develop innovative products that track progress of the same since 2019. Secondly, it facilitates the need to collect real time data on tree planting activities in the country that estimates number of trees planted on public and private land. The verification module monitor’s survival and mortality of trees planted in various sites. This is a user friendly application for use by tree growers countrywide to provide tree planting and survival data in the country.

Below please find a link to the enhanced and scientific KEFRIApp Species to Site Matching tool.