Central Highlands Eco-Region Research Programme (CHERP)


CHERP, is mandated to undertake forestry research mainly within Mt. Kenya forest and Aberdare forest ecosystems. The programme develops forestry technologies for; forest productivity and improvement, biodiversity and environment management and forest products and undertakes socio-economics, policy and governance studies in; forestry. The programme also provides technical support services on forestry.


CHERP covers ten counties namely; Kiambu, Nairobi, Murang’a, Nyeri, Nyandarua, Kirinyaga, Embu, Tharaka-Nithi, Meru, and Laikipia. The eco-region also partially covers; Eastern Nakuru, Lower Samburu, Northern Kajiado and Upper Machakos.

Forest Productivity and Improvement

Diversification and domestication of selected high value tree species on-farm

Genetic improvement of selected tree species

Development of technologies for predicting and managing tree pests and diseases

Development of micro-propagation techniques for popular tree species

Bamboo propagation and management

Biodiversity and Environment Management

Development of technologies for rehabilitation and management of degraded natural forests

Development of technologies for management of invasive plant species in forest eco-systems

Development of technologies for sustainable management of natural forests and woodlands

Development of technologies for conservation and management of water catchment areas and wetlands

Studies on hydrological cycles and status of forests and wetlands

Soil and water management for forestry development

Socio-Economics, Policy and Governance

Forest resource valuation including Payment for Environmental Services (PES)

Development of policy guidelines on forest benefit sharing, through Participatory Forest Management

Studies on institutional arrangements in management of forests and allied natural resources

Disseminated various technologies and information on forestry through open and field days, agricultural shows, conferences and workshops, print and electronic media

Trained stakeholders in various aspects of forestry such as: rehabilitation of degraded natural forests, rangelands and woodlands; nursery management; and Participatory Forest Management (PFM)

Established demonstration plots of medicinal plants

Our Services

Soils, plant, microbes and molecular analyses

Consultancy in; various aspects of forestry management and rehabilitation, landscaping, and Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit

Advisory services in management of tree pests and diseases