Socio-Economics, Policy and Governance (SPG)

SPG Research Theme contributes to technology development through addressing cross-cutting issues that influence management of forests and the environment in Kenya. Research outputs from SPG Theme contribute to development of forestry-related policies and legislation. Research activities under this Theme also focus on: society interests in forests and the environment; forest resource management; valuation and benefit sharing; and markets and trade in forest products for enhanced livelihoods. In addition, research is carried out for better understanding of forest investment, and viable forest business schemes.

The Theme addresses the challenges facing forestry through the following Sub-themes:

Forest policy, legislation, and governance

Forest valuation and Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES)

Forest land tenure and conflict resolution

Community, gender and special interest groups in forest management

Participatory Forest Management (PFM)

Research in forest extension

Forests and livelihood improvement

Forest products value chain and trade

Forest investment and financing