Forest Products and Entrepreneurship Development (FPED) research theme focuses on development and promotion of efficient technologies for wood and non-wood products harvesting, processing and utilization of forest and allied natural resources for improved livelihoods and sustainable forest management. The theme will evaluate new methods of using wood in construction, engineering and reconstitution of wood, bio-materials, bio-chemicals, bio-plastics, energy products and food additives. FPED is important to national security through the implementation of forest forensics and advisory services.

The theme will address challenges facing wood resources and non-wood forest products through the seven (7) Research Programmes as shown below:

Timber Processing and Utilization

Bamboo Processing, Utilization and Industry Development

Bio-Energy Technology Development

Bio-Prospecting and Forest Based Product Development

Products and Technologies Incubation

Gums and Resins Development

Forest Based Entrepreneurship and MSMEs Development

The theme will enhance investment and wealth creation through entrepreneurship skills development, products development and marketing and capacity building through incubation. It will contribute to achievement of food security and universal health through bio-prospecting, medicinal products development and forest based enterprises. The theme will also contribute to national security through forest forensic services.

plant product

Improved kilns for charcoal production For Sustainable charcoal production

plant product

Anatomical features of wood used in wood identification

plant product

Grown and mature bamboo stems in variety. Suitable for decor products

plant product

Cosmetic Products from Aloe

plant product

Improved chain saw for efficient on-farm tree processing