Kenya Forestry Research Institute

A Centre of Excellence in Forestry Research


Major Achievements

The Institute made the following achievements under the various research, support and development programmes;

Farm Forestry Research Programme

* Developed technologies including use of leguminous trees and shrubs for biomass transfer and improved fallows to enhance soil fertility and land productivity
* Selected and popularized high value tree species, including Grevillea robusta, Eucalyptus species, Casuarina species, Markhamia lutea, Gmelina arborea and various varieties of mangoes for on-farm planting in diverse ecological zones
* Established 20 hectares of seed orchards for selected tree species to provide high quality seed for on-farm tree growing
* Promoted commercial tree farming in Coast, Central, Rift Valley and Western Kenya regions
* Developed technologies for efficient processing of wood for timber and biomass energy
* Published guidelines on planting of Eucalyptus species
* Developed body cream and livestock feed from Jatropha curcas and Croton megalocarpus respectively

Natural Forests Research Programme

* Developed technologies for rehabilitation of water catchments and degraded natural forests
* Developed technologies for management and utilization of medicinal plants
* Developed 15 utility bamboo products
* Enhanced capacity of stakeholders in bamboo growing, processing and utilization
* Published training manuals on Participatory Forest Management (PFM)

Drylands Forestry Research Programme

* Developed technologies and guidelines on harvesting and post-harvest handling of gums and resins and linked eight communities to markets
* Developed technologies and guidelines on propagation of Sandalwood
* Developed five products from Prosopis as a major strategy to combat its invasive nature through utilization
* Developed technologies for management of Prosopis to promote herbaceous regeneration and biodiversity
* Published guidelines for rehabilitation of degraded areas in drylands
* Developed non-wood forest products from Aloe species, Adansonia digitata, Tamarindus indica and Vitex payos
* Developed technologies for domestication of indigenous species including Terminalia brownii, Terminalia spinosa, and Vitex payos

Industrial Forest Plantations Research Programmes

* Developed high yielding Eucalyptus grandis variety
* Developed methods for surveillance and management of tree pests and diseases
* Provided advisory services on forest pests and diseases
* Established 31 ha of seed orchards and 22 ha of seed stands to provide high quality seed for plantation tree species
* Developed web-based Decision Support System for growing Grevillea robusta

Tree Seed Programme

* Produced and distributed 51 tonnes of high quality tree seed
* Decentralized seed supply to KEFRI eco-regional centres, and seed agents
* Selected, registered and mapped 20 seed sources
* Identified and trained tree seed stockists across the country

Technology Dissemination and Service Programme

* Published 110 scientific papers and extension materials
* Conducted 5 Regional Social Forestry, 15 Participatory Natural Resource Management and 15 Nursery Establishment and Management courses
* Held 30 open days, 70 field days, 15 radio talks, 7 TV shows and participated in 20 ASK shows
* Published 20 print media features
* Organized and hosted a National Forestry Scientific Conference and an International (IUFRO-FORNESSA) Forestry Congress

Partnership and Networks Programme

* Established 30 national and international collaborative initiatives
* Increased the number of donor funded projects from 30 to 48

Corporate Affairs and Public Relations

* Re-branded 2 regional centres for focused research and to raise KEFRI profile in the respective eco-regions and counties
* Developed and launched KEFRI Service Charter