Grant Application

Grant application materials available for download:

  1. KEFRI Graduate Research School Call for Research Grant Applications for Masters and PhD Research Programmes in Forestry and Allied Natural Resources - Financial Year 2022-2023

    Call for Research Grant Applications: Masters and PhD Research Programmes in Forestry and Allied Natural Resources

    The applicants should submit their duly completed formal application in soft and hard copies which should include the following:

    1. Completed application form
    2. Concise curriculum vitae with names and contacts of at least two referees.
    3. Certified copies of academic certificates and transcripts
    4. Certified copies of national Identity Card
    5. Copy of admission letter from the institution of higher learning one is registered.
    6. Two (2) Reference Letters with contact addresses.
    7. Research Proposal Application Form is as attached (Annex 2) in word format.

  2. Priority Research Themes and Study Area/Topic

    Priority research and study areas are drawn broadly from KEFRI’s thematic areas as outlined in the current Strategic Plan. These research themes are:

    1. Forest Productivity and Improvement
    2. Forest Biodiversity and Environmental Management
    3. Forest Products Development.
    4. Socio-Economic, Policy and Governance
    5. Forest Research Support Services

  3. KEFRI Graduate Research School Annex 2: Research Proposal Application Form


    Criteria for consideration:

    1. For it to be eligible, this proposal application form MUST be accompanied by a Letter from your Board of Graduate Studies/School as a proof the proposal has been defended and approved.
    2. Only original works should be submitted, plagiarism is highly discouraged and if confirmed, will lead to automatic disqualification.
    3. KEFRI encourages co-funding of research. Any aspect of your research that is being funded by other donor(s) should therefore be disclosed.
    4. Applicants who have on-going funded projects are not eligible.
    5. Applications should be submitted in both soft and hard copies.
    6. This programme is open to Masters and Doctoral students from forestry-related disciplines of specialization from both public and private Universities.
    7. Opportunities also exist for applicants with requests to contribute in funded research that fits within KEFRI's mandate.
    8. Any applications submitted after the specified deadlines have lapsed will not be considered.



    KEFRI Graduate Research School (KGRS)is a deliberate strategic, transformational, and skills-oriented policy intervention that KEFRI has embraced to unlock its research potential and efficiency by providing shared platform for scientists, scholars and young graduates to translate ideas into actions and impact. This initiative is expected to link research to practice and industry/ job market and provide evidence based solutions to sustainable forestry development in Kenya and beyond. KGRS is an equal opportunity initiative...