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  • Origin: Florida-Brooks
  • Fruit size: Large
  • Weight in grams: 545
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Fruit color: Greenish yellow with dark red blush
  • Fresh color: Deep yellow to orange
  • Fibre content: None
  • Seed type: Monoembryonic
  • Fruit shape: Ovate to slightly oblong
  • Seed percentage: 8.5
  • Eating quality: Excellent
  • Regularity of bearing: Regular
  • Tree habit: Large and upright
  • County: Muranga, Mbeere, Makueni
  • Harvesting season: March/April
  • Pest attack: Research ongoing
  • Disease: Leafspot powdery mildew
  • Susceptibility: Moderate
  • Advantages: Late maturity, ships well
  • Disadvantages: May alternate in bearing inadequate skin colouration
  • Irrigation: Research ongoing
  • Fertilizer: Research ongoing
  • Pesticides: Actara, karate
  • Fungicides: Agrinate, Thiovate

Kent is often mistaken for the quite similar looking cultivar Keitt but (just one difference) Kent matures earlier (March). The large fruit is greenish-yellow with a red or crimson blush on the shoulder. The average length measures 12.4 cm
with a width of 9.7 cm and an average weight of 545 g. The fruit-shape is regular ovate with a rounded base and often with two slight beaks. The skin is thick and tough and small yellow lenticels are numerous; the flesh is juicy, melting,
deep yellow, fibreless and of a rich flavour. The seed, embedded in a thick, woody stone (8.5% of fruit weight) is mono-embryonic. The tree is large and vigorous, with a dense upright canopy, and it produces good yields in the late mid-season.
Due to late maturity it is visited by man pests.

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