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Tree Planting in Ondiri Swamp

KEFRI joined the world in marking World AIDS day in a tree planting exercise at Ondiri swamp, wetland in Kiambu County. The National Aids Council used the event to sensitize ‘Vijana na Kazi Mtaani’ on the sudden raise of HIV& AIDS in society.

Mr. David Maosa of National AIDS council called upon the youth to take responsibility for their actions and take cognizance of the fact that all actions have consequences. A total of 400 seedlings were planted including bamboo and assorted indigenous species. KEFRI has been carrying out rehabilitation exercises along Ondiri swamp in a bid to rehabilitate and conserve the swamp. Center for AIDS Council and Gichuru Health Clinic also participated in the event.

KEFRI jointly with Kiambu County Government held a tree planting activity at Ondiri Swamp in Kikuyu, Kiambu County on 30th December 2020. In pursuit of the presidential directive to plant trees to attain 10% tree cover by the year 2022, KEFRI together with other stakeholders have continued to plant trees along Ondire swamp to rehabilitate and conserve the environment.

A total of 400 seedlings were planted, 200 bamboo and assorted indigenous trees for the rehabilitation of the wetland. The indigenous trees planted included; Syzygium cordatum, Syzygium guinese, Cordia africana and bamboo species: Dendrocalas asper, Bambusa vulgaris among others. KEFRI in this initiative provides technical knowhow whereas the counterpart Kiambu County ensures labor is on the ground to plant tree seedlings in identified sites. So far the Institute has covered 2.5 km of planted trees along the swamp.

Vijana na kazi mtaani receive tree seedlings
The National Council of Aids, Centre for Aids Council Kikuyu, Gichuru Health Clinic in Kiambu County used this occasion to sensitize’ Vijana na Kazi’ on matters Aids and Covid 19 pandemic that have really affected the economies and health being of many worldwide. This was done in readiness to mark the world’s aids day earmarked to take place on 1st December 2022.

National Aids Council representative Mr. David Maosa reiterated that planting trees on this occasion was part of their social responsibility by way of giving back to the society in terms of conserving the environment for posterity, as well as sensitize ‘Vijana na Kazi mtaani’ on critical issues affecting them especially HIV and AIDS, and the infamous COVID-19 Pandemic.

Kikuyu County Aids Control Centre representative Ms. Naomi Matere and her counterpart Mr. Josephat Maina concurred that men were a bit reluctant when it comes to aids testing. However they advised men to embrace testing since this was the only way of knowing ones status. ‘’Aids is real and very cheap to manage because it has donor funding unlike other terminal diseases such as cancer, kidney failure which are too expensive to manage, but people prefer going for their testing. “She said.

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