Simon Ndungu Wairungu

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Simon Ndungu Wairungu

Principal Research Scientist
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Designation :Principal Research Scientist
Expertise :Ecologist

Journal Paper

  1. Phytoremediation using bamboo species to reduce the risk of chromium exposure due to tannery contaminated site in Kenya (2017) – Faridah H. Were, Godrey A. Wafula and Simon Wairungu

Technical Notes/Protocols/Guidelines

  1. A Technical Note on Rehabilitation of degraded forests – Experiences of Green Zones Development Support Project (GZDSP) in Aberdares, Mt. Kenya and Mau East Ecosystems ( March 2019) – S. Wairungu(Co-authored by B. Kamondo, P. Kungu, N. Riako, J. Ng’ang’a, B. Ngugi and E. Waweru)
  2. Giathi G. S. Wairungu and J. Mukami 2012: The status and the rehabilitation strategy of the degraded KEFRI-Gachuthi Natural forest. IUFRO-FORNESSA Regional congress & ITTO/AFFForest Policy Day 25-29 June 2012 Nairobi, Kenya


  1. Modern Silvicultural Practices Versus Livelihood needs: The case of Casuarina growing along the Kenyan Coastal Region (2010) – (M.T.E. Mbuvi, M.N. Muchiri and Simon Wairungu)
  2. PFM training Manual (2009) - J. Kagombe, M.T. E Mbuvi, B. Owuor and S. Wairungu
  3. Traditional Knowledge systems for Management of Kaya forests in Coast region of Kenya in 2008 - (D. Mutta, E. Chagala-Odera and S. Wairungu)
  4. Technical Report on the Status of Mida Creek Mangroves – Stocking rates and Re-stocking for improved productivity. A paper presented during the 4th KEFRI Scientific conference held at Muguga in October 2008 ( Simon Wairungu KEFRI and Dominic Mumbu, NK)
  5. Technical report on the rehabilitation of Water Catchments in Mgange and Mwanda Locations, Taita Tavetta District, Kenya (Choge S.,Wairungu S. Mwanziu F., and Kamau M.P.) in 2004.
  6. The Role of Kenya Forestry Research Institute at the Coast (Mutta D., Mbuvi M.T.E. and Wairungu S.N.) – In Coast express, 20-26 February 2004.
  7. Participatory Forestry Management (PFM) Piloting – Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, Kenya. (Mbuvi M.T.E., Ayiemba O.W. Mathinji F.M. and Wairungu S.N.) in 2004.
  8. Technical report on Participatory Forest Management (PFM), Resource Assessment in Dzombo Hill Forest, in Kwale District, Kenya. (Wairungu S.N. and Kimani G.K.) in 2003.
  9. Technical report on Mangrove Conservation and Utilization research in Kilifi and Lamu Districts, in Kenya (Wairungu S.N., Mbuvi M.T.E., Kimani G.K., Muthini J.M., Welimo O. M and Kivyatu B.M.) in 2002.
  10. The Effects of the 1997/98 El Nino rains in the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest (Wairungu S.N. and Kimani G K) in 2002.
  11. The Economic importance of the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest water pools to the Forest Adjacent Communities (FAC) as well as the Forest Fauna (M. Fungomeli, J. Mathenge and S. Wairungu) in 2001.
  12. The Effects of Non-commercial utilization of forest resources to the species composition and nutrients at Uplands, Kenya (MSc. Thesis Oct. 2000, TU- Dresden, Institute of International Forestry and Forest Products, Tharandt, Germany).
  13. The effects of pruning heights on the growth of Cuppressus lusitanica at Londiani, Kenya (A paper presented at a scientific conference at KEFRI HQts, Muguga, in June 1996).
  14. The Ecology and Conservation of Arabuko-Sokoke forest – some interim highlights (A paper presented during the first KEFRI scientific conference at KEFRI HQts, Muguga, Kenya in 1990).


  • 2019 – 2021 Rehabilitation planting and assessment at Karima Hill forest in Othaya, Nyeri County
  • 2020 Survey of the Kabiruini forest to explore the potential of bee-keeping by the local communities, population of Brachylaena huillensis and other indigenous tree species e.g. Calodendrum capense etc.
  • 2020 Rehabilitation of Lake Ol-Bolossat catchment forests and riparian areas in Nyandarua County
  • 2012 – 2015 Coordination of the 2nd monitoring of the Green Zones Development Support Project (GZDSP) rehabilitation sites in Aberdares, Mt. Kenya and Mau East Ecosystems.
  • 2015 Establishment of Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) in Arabuko Sokoke Forest (ASF) in the Cynometra forest.
  • 2008 Re-assessment of Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) in Arabuko Sokoke Forest (ASF) Nature Reserve with funding from Nature Kenya (NK)
  • 2001 - 2007 Assessment of the Mangroves in Lamu District (Manda Island and Kipungani area) and in Maya Island in Kilifi District, Coast province.
  • 2001 - 2007 Participatory Forest Management (PFM) in Kwale District, involving Resource assessment and socio-biophysical data collection in Dzombo, Mrima and Marenje forests, coast province.
  • 2001- 2009 Forest Resource Assessment for the Participatory Forest Management Process (PFMP) in the Dida area of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest .
  • 2001-2002 Vegetation assessment in the sites affected by the El-nino rains of 1997/98 in Arabuko-Sokoke forest.
  • 1996 – 2000 Establishment of Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) in Kwaregi Beat of Uplands forest ( for the PSFM / MSc. Projects.)
  • 1997 Establishment of PSPs at Njuki-ini, Mt.Kenya forest for the COMIFOR project .
  • 1994-1995 Conducted experiments on the responses of various indigenous tree species, to varying light intensities i.e. % at Chuka, Mt. Kenya forest.
  • Jul/Aug 1993 Establishment of Belt-Transects for vegetation sampling at Got-Ramogi forest in Siaya.
  • 1989 – 1991 Establishment of Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) in the Arabuko-Sokoke Nature Reserve.

Academic Qualification

  • 1986 – 1989 :B.Sc. Biological Sciences (Second Class honours-Upper division), University of Nairobi
  • 1998 – 2000 : M.Sc. (Tropical Forestry & Management), TU-Dresden, Germany

Other Courses

  1. 2020/21 - Participated in a series of workshops in preparation of the Nyeri county Forest policy and bill on behalf of ARD Nyeri, in collaboration with Nyeri County officers, MCAs and Other Stakeholders with facilitation from UNDP (Sept 2020 – March 2021)
  2. 2020 : Participated in a FAO project’s Resource Persons training in tree nursery establishment and Rehabilitation of degraded forest ecosystems, where I was a trainer on the process of rehabilitation.
  3. 2019 : Participated in a KEFRI organized data management, analysis and report writing course (R-analysis and other packages)
  4. 2015 : Participated in a 3 weeks Seminar on Trans-Boundary Bio-diversity Protection Research and Management for Developing Countries held in Beijing, China (9 to 29 June 2015)
  5. 2007: Participated in an Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit (EIA/EA) 3 weeks course at Kenya Institute of Administration (KIA), Nairobi, Kenya (12th to 30th November 2007).
  6. 2007 : Participated in a 2 weeks Participatory Forest Management (PFM) training Workshop held at MS-tcdc in Arusha, Tanzania (24th September to 5th October 2007).
  7. 2005 : Participated in a Biodiversity Monitoring workshop held in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.
  8. 2005: Attended a Participatory Natural Resources Management and Governance (PNRM & G) training workshop, held at MS-tcdc in Arusha, Tanzania.
  9. 1997 : Biodiversity Conservation Course / Workshop held at Nsukka and Calabar in Nigeria, organized by the Man & Biosphere (M & B) organization.
  10. 1994: Regional Bamboo workshop (Phase 11) and the assessment of Bamboo and Associated vegetation in L. Naivasha watershed (held in Naivasha & Nairobi, Kenya).
  11. 1993 : Regional Bamboo workshop (Phase 1) and the assessment of Bamboo and Associated vegetation in L.Naivasha watershed, (held in Naivasha & Nairobi, Kenya).
  12. 1990 : Social Forestry Refresher courses 1 & 11 held at KEFRI HQts, Muguga, Kenya.