Stella Gatama

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Stella Gatama

Research Scientist II
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Designation : Research Scientist II
Expertise : Socio- Economics, Policy And Governance

Journal papers

  1. Factors influencing good governance in forest management and protection: a case study of Mt. Elgon forest reserve, Kenya June, 2020
  2. Value of pollination services in farmlands adjacent to Mau, Cherangany and Mt. Elgon forests 31st may 2019
  3. Land degradation indicators to support rehabilitation and conservation of woodlands in Kiang'ombe landscape, Embu county, march 2018
  4. Public private partnerships opportunities for forestry sector development in Kenya: synthesis of primary and secondary production actors and trade, 2018

Book Chapter

  1. Ecosystem services valuation: Mau forest complex, Cherangany hills, and Mt. Elgon water tower ecosystems, January 2018
  2. Magazine chapter: page 11: forest management certification, KEFRI newsletter: issue no. 24, January to march 2018
  3. KEFRI significant achievements and impacts during 30 years, 2016
  4. Mapping to support land-use planning for REDD+ in Kenya securing additional benefits, 2016


  • 1st September, 2015 to date : Kenya Forestry Research Institute - Research Scientist II (Socio-Economics Policy and Governance)
  • 12th March, 2015 to 12th June 2015 : Kenya Forest Service - Masters Graduate Intern
  • 3rd July, 2010 to 31st August 2012 : ClayWorks Limited - Personnel and Administration Officer
  • 3rd May, 2009- 31st July, 2009 : Green Eco Consultants Limited - Operations Assistant Trainee

Administrative Responsibility

  1. Worked as acting regional director for KEFRI-LVBERP for specific days in the month of November, 2020
  2. Worked as a joint secretariat at the ministry of environment and forestry from October 2018 to July 2020


Masters in Environmental Policy and Law (Natural Resources Governance)

Key Competencies

  1. Natural Resource Governance
  2. Social Forestry
  3. Community Relations And Conflict Meditation In Natural Resources Management
  4. Environmental Policy Instruments
  5. Environmental Climate Change Law
  6. Environmental Impact Assessment
  7. Public Relations And Conflict Meditation In Natural Resources
  8. Food And Society

Other Courses

Certificate in Information Technology