Dr. Jane Njuguna

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Dr. Jane Njuguna

Senior Deputy Director, Research and Development
E-mail : jnjuguna@kefri.org
Researcher ID : 0000-0001-8056-6001
Designation : Senior Deputy Director, Research and Development

Journal Papers

  1. Susan Karani, Jane Njuguna, Steven Runo, Alice Muchugi, Joseph Machua and Phoebe Mwaniki (2022) Molecular and morphological identification of fungi causing canker and dieback diseases on Vangueria infausta (Burch) subsp. rotundata (Robyns) and Berchemia discolor (Klotzsch) Hemsl in lower Eastern Kenya in African Journal of Biotechnology. Vol. 21(1), pp.6-15 DOI: https://doi.org/10.5897/AJB2020.17297
  2. Jane W. Njuguna, Stephen M. Kiama, James O. Maua, Magrate M. Kaigongi, Michael M. Muganda, Stanley Nadir, Charles Koech, John N. Kigomo, Joshua Cheboiwo (2021). A global review of the use of aerial seeding technology in restoring degraded forests and landscapes: Case study of Kenya. Journal of Landscape and Ecological Engineering (Article in Press)
  3. Susan Karani, Jane Njuguna, Alice Muchugi, Steven Runo and Joseph Machua (2021). Molecular identification of fungi causing canker and dieback diseases on Vangueria infausta (Burch) subsp. rotundata (Robyns) and Berchemia discolor (Klotzsch) Hemsl in lower Eastern Kenya. African Journal of Biotechnology (Article in Press)
  4. Okeyo, M.M., G.O. Obwoyere, D.L. Makanji, J.W. Njuguna, J. Atieno (2020). Promotion of Terminalia brownii in Reforestation by Development of Appropriate Dormancy Breaking and Germination Methods in Drylands; Kenya. In Press, Journal Pre-proof, Available online 11 June 2020
  5. Sheillah Cherotich, Japhet Muthamia, Jane Njuguna, Alice Muchugi, Daniel Otaye, Ignazio Graziosi, Zakayo Kinyanjui (2020). Fungal Microflora Biodiversity of Healthy and Diseased Adansonia digitata and Sclerocarya birrea Trees in Kenya. Topola/Poplar 205, 5-13
  6. Cherotich Sheillah, Jane Njuguna, Muchugi Alice, Muthamia Japhet, Otaye Daniel, Graziosi Ignazio and Kinyanjui Zakayo (2019). Botryosphaeriaceae associated with baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) and marula (Sclerocarya birrea A. Rich.) in agroforestry systems in Kenya. African Journal of Plant Science, Vol. 14(10), pp. 411-419
  7. Okeyo, Michael M., Gilbert O. Obwoyere, Dickson L. Makanji, Jane W. Njuguna, and Jackline A. Omond (2019). Fungal diseases attacking floral phenology of Terminalia brownii in Drylands, Kenya. Topola 203 5-11.
  8. Okeyo, M. M., Obwoyere, G. O., Makanji, D. L., Njuguna, J. W., & Gathogo, M. W. (2019). Insects Associated with Terminalia brownii Growing in Kitui, Baringo and Homa Bay Counties, Kenya: Implications on Tree Species Domestication. Topola, (204), 5-15.
  9. Muthama, Angela M., Jane W. Njuguna, and Francis K. Sang (2017). "Botryosphaeriaceae Fungal Species as Potential Pathogens of Meliaceae in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands of Kenya. Indian Forester 143.9 (2017): 890-893.
  10. Machua J., L. Jimu, J. Njuguna, M. J. Wingfield, E. Mwenje and J. Roux (2016). First report of Teratosphaeria gauchensis causing stem canker of Eucalyptus in Kenya. For. Path. doi: 10.1111/efp.12264.
  11. Njuguna J. W. (2011). Stem Canker and dieback Disease on Grevillea robusta Cunn ex R. Br.: Distribution, Causes, and Implications in Agroforestry Systems in Kenya, PhD Thesis, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden.
  12. Njuguna J. W., Barklund, P., Ihrmark, K., and Stenlid, J. (2011). A canker and dieback disease is threatening the cultivation of Grevillea robusta on small-scale farms in Kenya. African Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 6(3), pp. 748-756.
  13. Njuguna J. W., (2010). Diseases of Melia volkensii in Kenya. Science Africa Journal, April 2010.
  14. Njuguna J. W.; (1996). Pathogenicity and Control of Sclerotium rolfsii Stem Rot of Sesbania Sesban, Masters’ Thesis, University of Melbourne

Book Chapters

  1. Njuguna J. W (2013). Growing Grevillea robusta in Kenya: Management and Challenges. MITI Magazine (January to March 2013)
  2. Njuguna J. W., Kamau P (2014). Know Tree Diseases And Ways To Avoid Them. A Collaborative Extension Material with Biovision International published in the “The Organic farmer” Magazine, No 112, Page 4, and September 2014.
  3. Njuguna J. W., Nyakundi C. (2014). Grow Grevillea Trees and Make Money: A Collaborative Extension material with Biovision International Published in the “The Organic farmer” Magazine, No 112, Page 5-6, September 2014.

Technical Notes /Protocols/Guidelines

  1. Kiama, S.M., Njuguna, J.W., Maua, J.O., Kaigongi, M.M., Nadir, S., Ngugi J., Koech K.C., and Meso M. (2021). Protocol for Aerial Seeding of Degraded Forests and Landscapes in Kenya, KEFRI, Muguga, Kenya.
  2. Kiama, S.M., Njuguna, J.W., Maua, J.O., Kaigongi, M.M., Nadir, S., Ngugi J., Koech K.C., and Meso M. (2021). Aerial Seeding for Rehabilitation of Degraded Forestlands and Landscapes in Kenya: A Technical Report on Pilot Aerial Seeding in Maasai Mau Forest. KEFRI, Muguga, Kenya.
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  10. Njuguna J. W. (2015, 2016). Gender & Climate Change; A global Perspective. Presented at the UNDP Funded Regional training Course on "Policies and Practices for Climate Change Adaptation Course" KEFRI 2015 and 2016.
  11. Njuguna J. W. (2015). Gender & Climate Change in Social Forestry. Presented at Regional Social Forestry Training Course, KEFRI
  12. Njuguna J. W. (2015). Health Status of Melia Seed Orchards at Tiva, Kitui. KEFRI Field Report
  13. Njuguna J. W. (2015). Technical Report on the health status of Casuarina species on small scale farms in Kilifi, Lamu and Kwale Counties for the For Kenya Coastal Development Project.
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  24. Njuguna J. W., Obonyo E. A., Githiomi J. Muthike N. (2003). Efficient Energy Utilisation and Conservation and the Effects of Indoor Air Pollution among Poor Households in Kajiado, Kirinyaga, Nakuru, Machakos and Nairobi districts in Kenya. Project Report for the Shell Foundation/USAID /Energy for Sustainable Development Africa (ESDA) joint project.
  25. Njuguna J. W. (2002). Technical Report for the DFID Knowledge and Research (KaR) Fuel substitution Project: Report for Energy for Sustainable Development Africa (ESDA) on the status of charcoal use in Kenya. Nairobi Kenya
  26. Njuguna J. W. (2000). Household Energy and Environmental Conservation in Ngong and Rongai. Project report for KEFRI- Winrock International, Kenya.

Policy Briefs

  1. 2020: Mass Propagation of Bamboo for Ten Percent Tree Cover
  2. 2018: National Strategy Towards Achieving and Maintaining 10% Tree Cover in Kenya
  3. 2017. A Guideline Framework For KEFRI Engagement With County Governments
  4. 2016. National Forests Programme 2016-2030
  5. 2016: Tree Seed Supply in Kenya.


  • Feb. 2014 - Present : Chief Research Scientist
  • 2009 to Jan. 2014 : Principal Research Scientist
  • 1996-2009 : Senior Research Scientist
  • 1994 - 2002 : Research Scientist 1
  • 1991 – 1994 : Research Scientist II

Administrative Responsibility

  1. September 2017-Current : Senior Deputy Director, Research and Development, Kenya Forestry Research Institute
  2. March 5th 2018-March 31st 2019 : Acting Director, Kenya Forestry Research Institute
  3. 2014-Sept. 2017 : Deputy Director, Forest Productivity and Improvement (Three Years Eight Months)
  4. 2009-2014 : Deputy Centre Director, Muguga Regional Research Centre, now CHERP (Six years)
  5. 2002-2009 : Head of Pathology Section of KEFRI (Seven Years)
  6. 1997-2007 : Concurrent with above; Assistant Project and Database Manager, International Forestry Research Institute (IFRI) Project (Ten Years). During this period I and my project team members helped establish the following research Centers within East Africa for the IFRI Project

Academic Qualification

  • 2011 : Doctor of philosophy in Forest Mycology and Pathology - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden
  • 1995 :Master of Forest Science - University of Melbourne, Australia
  • 1987 : Bachelor of Science (Botany and Zoology) - University of Nairobi