Meshak Odera Muga

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Meshak Odera Muga

Principal Research Scientist
E-mail :
Researcher ID :0000-0002-7494-5643
Designation :Principal Research Scientist
Expertise : Forest products research and development; forest and landscape restoration

Journal Articles

  1. Muga, M.O. ,Chikamai B., Oriwo V., Gachathi N., Mbiru S., Luvanda A., Wekesa L.,Wekesa C., Omondi S. and Lelon J. 2020. Synthesis of the Development in Gums and Resins Sub-Sector in Kenya. Accepted for publication in East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal
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  14. 4 (1), pp. xxx-xxx, February 2010.

    Book Chapter

    1. Meshack Muga, Simon Choge, Benard Kamondo, Violet Oriwo, Daniel Nyamai, Emily Kitheka and Ben Chikamai. Tree resources in Kenyan Asals of commercial value. A book chapter in ASAL Resources Management Handbook Best Practices on Rainwater Harvesting and Range Rehabilitation NALEP Case Experiences, Kenya. Submitted for publication in 2016
    2. Chikamai, B, M. Muga and M. Marangu. 2010. Development of the gum arabic sub-sector in Kenya. A paper presented during the conference on “New Developments in Acacia Gums Research, Products and Processes” held at Glyndwr University, UK, September 20-22, 2010
    3. David Odee and Meshack Muga. Support to food security, poverty alleviation and soildegradation Control in the Sahelian countries through land restoration and agroforestry204 in Bozzano, M., Jalonen, R., Thomas, E., Boshier, D., Gallo, L., Cavers, S., Bordács, S., Smith, P. & Loo, J., eds. 2014. Genetic considerations in ecosystem restoration using native tree species. State of the World’s Forest Genetic Resources – Thematic Study. Rome, FAO and Bioversity International.
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Technical Notes /Protocols/Guidelines/Manuals

  1. 8 Livelihood briefs on non-timber forest products (Sandalwood, gum arabic, melia, myrrh, aloe, frankincense, prosopis and hagar) KEFRI-NALEP Project, 2011.
  2. Muga, M., Oriwo,V., and Ogutu, P.C. 2017. Booklet on gums and resins prepared
  3. Muga, M.O., Oriwo, V., Kitheka, E., and Mbiru, S. 2013. A Policy Framework (Guideline) for Initiating, Managing and Monitoring Strategic Partnerships in KEFRI
  4. Muga, M.O., Oloo, C., Oriwo, V., Mbiru, S. and Kitheka, E. 2013. Guidelines for Public Private Partnerships in KEFRI
  5. Mayunzu, O., and Muga, M. 2015. Aloe Production Manual. KEFRI.
  6. Technical fact sheet on Aloe (2013).

Policy Briefs

  1. Led in the preparation of a policy brief on: Using gums and resins for enhancing environmental conservation and livelihood improvement in ASALs
  2. Participated in the development of policy brief on Landscape Restoration in Kenya
  3. A review of policies and legal frameworks for the gums and resins sub-sector
  4. Production and Marketing of Briquettes from Agro-industrial Residues in Kenya
  5. Participated in the development of National Forestry Plan (2015-2030)
  6. Participated in the development of the Forest Conservation and Management Act 2016
  7. Participated in the development of subsidiary legislation on gums and resins

Employment History

  1. National Project Coordinator for FAO-Kenya, Since 1st March 2019
  2. Principal Research Officer, since August 2011-2019
  3. Acted as a National Programme Coordinator (NPC), Partnerships and Networks Programme(August 2012 to June 2014)
  4. Senior Research Officer (2006-2011)
  5. Research Officer (1993-2006)
  6. Assistant Research Officer (1990-1993)

Administrative Responsibility

  1. National Project Coordinator for FAO-Kenya (Since 1st March 2019)
  2. Secretary to the KEFRI-KFS Technical and Policy Liaison Committees
  3. Manager Green Economy Partnership Project ‘Creating Green Local Economy through Commercial Production of Biomass Briquettes from Agro-Industrial Residues in Kenya’ funded by Nordic Climate Facility.
  4. Coordinator KEFRI-PALWECO: Promoting agro-forestry/farm forestry best practices & innovations for improved livelihoods in Busia County with special focus on Bamboo (2013-14)
  5. Acted as a National Programmes Coordinator (NPC), Partnerships and Networks Programme (August 2012 to June 2014)
  6. Project coordinator KEFRI-NALEP Initiative on Promotion of Tree-based Alternative Livelihoods while conserving the Environment and Rehabilitating Degraded ASAL Ecosystems in Kenya, 2008-2010.
  7. National Project Coordinator, FAO funded Acacia Operation Project (2004-2007)
  8. Executive Secretary, Gum Arabic and Resins Association (GARA)
  9. Workshop Manager, KEFRI Karura (1991-1993)

Academic Qualification

  1. 2019- PhD student at Egerton University
  2. 2000-2002: MSc. in Wood Science, University of Melbourne Australia
  3. 2012: Post graduate Diploma in designing sustainable forest landscapes, Helsinki University
  4. 1987-1990: B.Sc. (Hons) (Wood Science and Technology), Moi University, Kenya, 1990

Key Competences

Familiarity and proven practical experience working on research and programmatic issues related to forestry and allied natural resources including:

  • Programme and project design, planning, management, monitoring and evaluation
  • Resource mobilization and financial stewardship
  • Problem identification and analysis, experimentation
  • Data collection, management, analysis, modeling and interpretation
  • Resource assessment and mapping
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal
  • Organizational capacity/needs assessment
  • Technical/Scientific report writing and editing (journal papers, technical reports, extension briefs, policy briefs/guidelines)
  • Negotiating for partnerships and networks and preparation of agreements (LOAs, MOAs etc)
  • Ability to scout for, carry out and supervise consultancies

Other Courses

  1. PhD Studies at Egerton University-2019 to date
  2. Forest Certification Course, UK, 2017
  3. Commonwealth Professional Fellowship on Climate resilience and sustainable at University of Edinburgh, 2016
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit course, KIA Nairobi, 2007.
  5. Project planning and management course organized by AUSAID, Nairobi, 2007
  6. Project planning and management course organized by ADRA Kenya, 1998 3
  7. Gender analysis/participatory monitoring and evaluation. Egerton University, 1999
  8. Advanced management course on environmentally balanced pulp production, Sweden, August- November 1995.
  9. Training on Forest Research organized by JICA, Tsukuba, Japan. August-November 2003
  10. Science writing and editing course, 2012-KEFRI Muguga
  11. Leadership and professional development. The University of Melbourne, Australia, 2001.
  12. Training on combating desertification, 2013. Turkey
  13. Trees 3-Validation at Regional Centre for Mapping of resources for Development, 2009.
  14. GIS and Remote sensing course at the Regional Centre for Mapping of resources for Development, 2005.
  15. Wood Anatomy and Database Development. Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan, 2003
  16. Wood Anatomy for tracking of legal timber. Kumasi Ghana, May 2014.
  17. Computer training course, Japan. 2003.
  18. Timber grading course, Kenya.
  19. Wood carving certification and ‘good’ wood labelling. Kenya.1998
  20. Market Analysis and Enterprise development. Miti Mingi Maisha Bora programme, Kenya
  21. Forest Service, 2011