Joram Makaka E. Mbinga

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Joram Makaka E. Mbinga

Principal Research Scientist
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Designation : Principal Research Scientist
Expertise : Forest Management and tree improvement

Journal Articles

  1. Mbinga, J.M., and Chagala-Odera, E. 2015. Performance of 28-year-old Provenances of Liquidambar styraciflua at Two sites in Western Kenya. Octa Journal of Environmental research, Vol. 3(1): 094-099
  2. Cheboiwo. JK, Mugabe, R.O., Mbinga J.M., and Mutiso F., 2015, Potential Growth, Yield, and Socioeconomic Benefits of Four Indigenous Species for Restoration in Moist Forest, Mau Kenya. Journal of Environment and earth Science Vol.5, No.6, 2015

Book Chapters

  1. Mbinga J.M. and Okeyo M. M., 2013. Natural Forest Restoration Options. In: Kigomo B. N., Kimiti J. M. and Tuwei P. K. (Eds.) 2013. Forest Restoration Handbook for Moist Forests in Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya
  2. Mbinga J. M., Okeyo m. M., Njuguna C. J. and Kamondo B. M. 2013. The Main High Value Tree Species for Rehabilitation of Degraded Mau Forest Complex. In: Kigomo B. N., Kimiti J. M. and Tuwei P. K. (Eds.) 2013. Forest Restoration Handbook for Moist Forests in Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya
  3. Cheboiwo J. K., Ochieng M. R. and Mbinga J. M. 2013. Economic Benefits of High Value Indigenous Tree Species for Restoration of Moist Forests. In: Kigomo B. N., Kimiti J. M. and Tuwei P. K. (Eds.) 2013. Forest Restoration Handbook for Moist Forests in Kenya, Nairobi, Kenyan

Technical Notes /Protocols/Guidelines

  1. Mbinga J.M. and Maina J. 2018. Training Manual for Propagation, Management and Utilization of Bamboo. A publication under the Kenya’s Water Tower Protection and Climate change Mitigation and Adaptation (WaTER) Program (a Government of Kenya, EU Partnership)
  2. Mbinga J. M. and Gitehi G. 2011. Vegetative Propagation of Pinus patula through Shoot Cuttings. KEFRI Technical Note No. 28
  3. Omenda T. O., Mbae N. Muchiri, and Joram Mbinga, 2013. Interim Guidelines for Treatment of Natural Regeneration of Pinus patula in Clearfelled areas. Technical Note No. 23, Revised Edition, December 2013. Kenya Forestry Research Institute
  4. Omenda T. O., Mbae N. Muchiri, and Joram Mbinga, 2001. Managing Natural Regeneration of Cypress. Interim guidelines for Kenya. Technical Note No. 22, Kenya Forestry Research Institute

Conference Papers

  1. Atie, W.O.; Mbinga, J.; Cherono F.; Omondi, S.; Bala, P.; Muchiri, M.N. and Chagala-Odera, E., 2018. Growth performance of second generation Pinus maximinoi and P. tecunumanii progeny trials at Turbo, Kenya. KEFRI Scientific Conference, 17th.-19th. April, 2018, KEFRI Hq, Muguga
  2. Mbinga J. M., Chagala-Odera E. and Kariuki J. G. 2011. Performance of Liquidambar styraciflua L., a Central American Hardwood species in Western Kenya. International Conference on Tropical Forest Resources- 6th.-11th.June 2011. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology – Kakamega
  3. Mbinga J. M. and Cheboiwo J. 2009. Water use and Ecological effects of Eucalyptus Trees. In: Semenye P. P. and Mondoh O. H. (Eds.)2009. Proceedings of the SUMAWA Mau Forest Complex Conference. 27-29th. April 2009, Egerton University
  4. Mbinga Joram 2003. Breeding Pinus radiata for resistance to Dothistroma pinii fungal disease in Kenya. Paper presented at an International Training Workshop on Tree Breeding, 11th-22nd. August 2003 Nelspruit South Africa
  5. Mbinga J. M., and Gordon Sigu, 2000. An Overview of Bamboo Sector in Kenya. A country report presented at the INBAR International Workshop on Bamboo Propagation, Utilization and Program Development. 8th-22nd August 2000, Los Banos, The Philippines.

Key Competences

  • Research process cycle
  • Project management cycle
  • Forest/Natural Resource management process
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit specialist
  • ISO environmental Management Systems Auditor

Academic Qualification

  1. 2002: Masters of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Tropical Forest Biology and Silviculture, Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya.
  2. 1989: Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Forestry, Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya

Other Courses

    • 30th. Sept. – 4th. October 2019: : An Introduction to Modern Tree Breeding; held in Pretoria, South Africa
    • 4th. – 7th. December 2018: Training on Hybridization of Commercial Tree species - Pines and Eucalyptus. Conducted by Global partners for the future of Forestry (CAMCORE) and KEFRI at Londiani, Kenya
    • May 9th. - May 29th. 2012: Seminar on Scientific and Technological Innovation Capacity of Bamboo Industry for Developing Countries, Beijing, the People’s Republic of China
    • 2007- Three weeks course on Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit at Kenya School of Government
    • 18th-23rd April 2005: Training on Data management, Data analysis and Presentation of Results
    • at KEFRI, Loniani by the Biometrics Unit
    • 2003- Three Weeks course on Finance for non-finance Senior Managers course, at Kenya School of Government
    • 2003- Two weeks training workshop on Forest Tree Breeding at Nelspruit, South Africa. Organized by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, CSIR, South Africa
    • 15th. – 26th. October 2001: Finance for Non-Finance managers course; Held at Kenya Institute of Administration, Nairobi, Kenya
    • 2000 International Training course on Bamboo Propagation, Utilization and Program Development, at Los Banos, Philippines. Organised by International Network on Bamboo and Rattan, INBAR