Dr. David Langat

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Dr. David Langat

Regional Director, Lake Victoria Eco-Region Research Programme
E-mail : dlangat@kefri.org
Researcher ID : https://orcid.org/0000-5539-2513
Designation : Chief Research Scientist
Expertise :Natural Resource Management (Economics and policy)


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Book chapters

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Technical Notes /Protocols/Guidelines

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Posters and information leaflets

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  6. Economic Value of the Water Towers in Kenya: Supporting Decision Making and Conservation of Kenya’s Important Ecosystems. Information Brief, October 2018

Policy briefs

  1. Langat, D., Cheboiwo, J., Muga, M., and Kiprop (2019). Landscape Restoration in Kenya: Is it worth restoring degraded landscapes?


Joined the Kenya Forestry Research Institute, KEFRI in 1990

Research Positions

  1. Assistant Research Officer 1990–1994
  2. Research Officer II 1994–1998
  3. Research Officer I 2002 -2006
  4. Senior Research Officer, 2006 -2010
  5. Principal Research Officer 2010- 2016
  6. Chief Research Officer 2017- to date

Adminstrative Responsibility

  1. A Member Wood Study Advisory Committee on Proposal Development on the subject of wood carving industry in Kenya (Collaborative project between Kenya Forestry Research Institute, National Museum of Kenya, Kenya Carvers Co-operative Union and UNESCO)-1992-1993
  2. Technical coordinator – Economic valuation of Ecosystem Services- Kenya Water Tower Climate Change Resilience Project, US Forest Service/KEFRI -2016-2018
  3. Deputy Regional Director Lake Victoria Eco-region Research Programme-2010- 2018
  4. Regional Director 2018-to date
  5. National consultant, FAO/KEFRI The Restoration Initiative project on Ecosystem valuation of Mukogodo landscape 2020

Academic Qualification

  • 2012-2016- PhD in Natural Resources Management Egerton University -Thesis : ‘Economic Valuation of Forest Ecosystem Services and its Implications on Conservation Strategies in East Mau, Kenya’
  • 1999 – 2000 Australian National University, Canberra- Masters of Science Forestry (MSc.F), Thesis : The Economics of non-timber forests products: The Case of Australian Honey Industry
  • 1987 – 1990 Moi University, Eldoret : BSc (Wood Science and Technology – Second class Upper Division)

Key Competencies

Natural resources management -Natural Resources Economics- Ecosystem valuation and investment analysis

Other Courses

  • 2019 : Senior Management Training course –Kenya School of Government (6 weeks)
  • 2018 : International Forest Landscape Restoration Seminar 5 weeks, Oregon, Portland USA
  • 2009 : Advance Research Methods for Agroforestry – 5 weeks Course at CIRAD, Montpelier, France
  • 2008 : Strategic Planning and Project Management Course – Kenya Agricultural Productivity Project – 4 weeks’ course
  • 2008 : Scientific communication and publishing Course-School of Biological Sciences - University of Nairobi – Kenya, 1 Week
  • 2008 : Advance us of SPSS package for analysis in Social Sciences- KEFRI –in house Training
  • 2004 : International Forestry Resources and Institutions, attended a nine weeks course - Policy Analysis of Common Pool Resources at Indiana University – Graduate level course
  • 2000 : Scientific writing and editing Workshop KEFRI/SIDCOM – 1 Week
  • 1996-97 : Advanced course – the use of SPSS for date analysis