Bernard Kimani Kigwa

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Bernard Kimani Kigwa

Research Scientist
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Designation : Research Scientist
Expertise : Forest Ecology/Sivilculture


  1. Effect of thinning on the growth of Senna siamea in the Proceedings of the Social Forestry Extension Seminar for the promotion of tree planting in Arid and Semi-arid areas of Kenya (KEFRI Headquarters, Muguga) March 2000
  2. A Comparative study of complete weeding and slash weeding methods on the physiological processes and root development of Senna siamea in the ASALs of Kenya (Msc Thesis, Kyushu University, Japan) 2003
  3. Soil Erosion and Conservation Measures: A paper presented to participants of Lokubae community sponsored by World Vision, April 2004 (Kefri Kitui Centre) March 2004
  4. Documentation of traditional methods used by farmers in control of termites in Kitui, Tharaka and Mbeere Districts – Unpublished
  5. Melia volkensii exhibition in the 1st National conference and exhibition for dissemination of research results and innovations (KICC, 28th – 30th April 2008)
  6. Appropriate tree planting and management techniques in the dry areas – Unpublished
  7. Guidelines of the procedure of thinning Melia volkensii – Unpublished
  8. Environmental Conservation in the dry areas: A paper presented to Makueni Teachers Association (Makueni Boys High School, 27th February 2009)
  9. Effects of different spacing on diameter and height of Melia volkensii plantation grown at two sites in the drylands of Kenya (under review and to be published by June 2021)

Participation in Workshops/Conferences

  1. Group Training Course in Japan (Forestry and Forest Products) 1988 (Aug-Dec Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (Tsukuba), Japan.
  2. Social Forestry Extension Officer’s Course (Kefri Hqrts, Muguga, Kenya) 27th Feb - 8th Mar 1989
  3. Research and Extension Methods Course in Alley Farming (Kefri Hqrts, Muguga, Kenya) 12th Oct – 23rd Oct 1992
  4. Science Writing, Editing and Oral Presentation Course (Kefri Hqrts, Muguga, Kenya) 28th Feb - 10th Mar 2000
  5. Statistical Methods and Computer Applications Course (Kefri Kitui Centre) 27th Sept – 2nd Oct 2004
  6. Training of Trainers (TOT) Workshop on Farmer Field Schools (FFS) Extension Methodology (Imani Guest House, Nakuru, Kenya) 18th June – 30th June 2006
  7. Participatory Forest Management (PFM) Course (at Kefri Kitui Centre, Kitui, Kenya) 12th Feb – 23rd Feb 2007
  8. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Seminar (Kefri Headquarters, Muguga, Kenya) 25th Mar – 26th Mar 2008
  9. Capacity Building Workshop (Embu Agricultural Staff College, Embu, Kenya) 13th Oct – 2nd Nov 2008
  10. Farmers’ training workshop on “Growing Melia volkensii on-farm” (Kambua Arcade, Kibwezi, Kenya) 16th Feb – 20th Feb 2009
  11. Disaster Risk Reduction and Livelihoods Workshop (Mbeere and Tharaka) 9th July – 24th July 2010

Employment History

  1. November 1982 to 1986: Officer-in-Charge of a Forest Research Sub-station (Ramogi Forestry Research Station)
  2. 1987 to 1988: Forester-in-Charge of Muguga Forest Estate Kefri
  3. 1989 to 1997: Landscaping of Kefri Headquarters (Muguga)
  4. 2001 to 2003: Development of Tree planting Technologies in Kefri Kitui Centre
  5. 1998 to 2000: Msc. Studies in Japan
  6. From 2004 to 2010: Research officer (Tiva Pilot Forest Manager in Kefri/Jica Sofem Project)
  7. 2013: Officer-In-Charge (Garissa Sub Region Research Centre)

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Officer-In-Charge (Ramogi Forest Research Station
  2. Officer-In-Charge (Garissa Sub Regional Research Centre)

Academic Qualification

  1. MSc. (Global Environmental Conservation)
  2. BSc. (Forestry)
  3. Diploma (Forestry)
  4. Certificate (Forestry)