Dr. Joshua Kiplongei Cheboiwo

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Dr. Joshua Kiplongei Cheboiwo

Chief Executive Officer
E-mail : jcheboiwo@kefri.org
Researcher ID : 0000-0002-7212-0226
Designation : Chief Executive Officer
Expertise : Chief Research Officer - Economics and Marketing of Forest Products

Journal Papers

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Book Chapter

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Technical Notes /Protocols/Guidelines

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Policy Briefs

  1. Cheboiwo J.K. 2015. Market performance of cross border timber trade in East and Central Africa. KEFRI Policy Brief No. 1.
  2. Cheboiwo J.K. 2015. Socio-Economic status of trans-boundary timber commodity chain in the East and Central Africa region. KEFRI Policy Brief No. 2.
  3. Cheboiwo J.K. and Langat D. 2015. Trans-boundary timber market players in the East African Region. KEFRI Policy Brief No. 3.
  4. Cheboiwo J.K. 2015. Potential opportunities in timber trade between Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. KEFRI Policy Brief No. 3.


  • 1985-1986 : Research Officer-Forestry Department, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
  • 1986-2020 : Kenya Forestry Research Institute

Administrative Responsibility

  • 1985-1989 : Founder Socioeconomics and Policy Research Programme, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KALRO)
  • 1991-1997 : Project Manager Kenya Japan Social Forestry Training Project, Kitui,Coordinator, Tiva dryland forestry technology development and species and provenance trials and Lower level training courses on nursery and forestry for eastern drylands in Kenya
  • 1997-1999 : Regional Director, Dryland Eco-Region Research Programme, Kitui. Coordinator, Research problem identification, planning, implementation, monitoring evaluation and co-ordination of dryland forestry research and development in the country.
  • 2003-2014 : Regional Director, Rift Valley Eco-Regional Research Programme. Coordinator, research problem identification, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and co-ordination of montane natural forests, plantation and Dryland Research in Rift Valley.
  • 2014-2018 : Deputy Director, Socioeconomic, Policy and Governance Research Theme, KEFRI Headquarters
  • 2018-2019 : Acting Senior Deputy Director, KEFRI Headquarters
  • 2019- Current : Director, Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Forestry Research Institute, Coordinator: Research planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Resource mobilization, disbursement and prioritization research projects in accordance to KEFRI Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Academic Qualification

  • 1999-2003 : D.Phil Environmental Economics, Moi University, Kenya
  • 1989-2001 : MSc Forestry, Australian National University, Canbera, Australia
  • 1981-1985 : BSc Forestry, Moi Univerity, Eldoret, Kenya

Key Competencies

  1. Forest Economics
  2. Environmental Economics,
  3. Markets, marketing and trade in forest products

Other Courses

  1. Strategic Leadership