Gordon Sigu Onduru

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Gordon Sigu Onduru

Principal Research Scientist
E-mail : gsigu@kefri.org
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Designation : Principal Research Scientist
Expertise : Forest Ecologist, Bamboo expert

Journal Papers

  1. Awimbo J.A;Sigu G.O.; Gachathi N; Kigomo B.N. (1989) the state of vegetation conservation and afforestation efforts on Hilltops of the dry areas of Kenya. KEFRI, Ecol, series; report No.3
  2. Kigomo B.N Were.N; Sigu G.O; (1995) the establishment, development and growth of Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees & Arn Under field conditions in Kenya. E. Afr. Agric. For J. 60(3), 95-105
  3. OBUNGA R; Sigu G.O;(1996). Sustainable development of woodcarving industry in Kenya. Draft technical progress report (phase 2). Unpublished report for the WWF/UNESCO/Kew people and plants Initiative, National Museums of Kenya Proceedings of the joint KEFRI-FD Conference on the state of Forestry Research and Management in KENYA
  4. KIGOMO KN; and Sigu G.O (1996); establishment and growth of field trials of exotic and indigenous bamboo species in Kenya. East Africa agric. For J. (1996(3)
  5. Ongugo P.O;Sigu G.O; Kariuki J.G; Luvanda A.M; Kigomo B.M 92000. production to consumption system; a case of the bamboo sector in Kenya. KEFRI/INBAR Report.
  6. Sigu G.O; Ongugo P.O; Njuguna J.W. (2000) the current Status of the Vanga Mangrove Forest; policy implications for future conservation indicatives. Proceedings of the second IFRI regional workshop on ‘operationalization of participatory natural forest management in Kenya’ KEFRI 2002
  7. SIGU G.O; Omenda T.O; Ongugo P.O and A. Opiyo. (2002) Forest degradation intensity; exemplification of spatial variance in rule enforcement as verified by cut stumps, forest structure and latent generation. Case study of ramogi hills forest
  8. Langat D., P. Ongugu, J. Njuguna, G. Sigu, T.Omenda and A. Opiyo. The got ramogi sacred forest; opportunities and challenges in sustainable utilization and conservation of sacred forest. IFRI report 2001.
  9. Ongugu P.O; J.Njuguna; G. Sigu; D. Langat; T.Omenda; P. Bwire & A.opiyo. The status of upper imenti forest (Nkunga and Nchoroiboro forest blocks). Interactions between the forest and adjacent communities.

Employment History

  1. July 2020 to date Principal Scientist, Forest Ecology (Bamboo), Kenya Forestry Research Institute, Lake Victoria Basin Ecoregion Research Programme.
  2. October 2014 to June 2020, Programme officer in Charge of National Forest Programme, Project Manager Component 1 Capacity Development for Sustainable Forest Management (CADEP-SFM), Ministry of Environment and Forestry
  3. From: 1989 to October 2014 Forestry Research and Development Kenya Forestry Research Institute

Administrative Responsibility

  1. 2020 August to June 2021 Ag. Deputy Regional Director, LVBERP
  2. 2016 June to 2020 June, Component 1 Manager, Capacity Development for Sustainable Forest Management (CADEP-SFM_JICA)
  3. 2012 January to 2013 January, National Project Coordinator, Crafting Bamboo for Sustainable future (BaMCRAFT)
  4. 2006 to 2009, National Project Coordinator Eastern Africa Bamboo Project

Academic Qualification

  1. 1979 - 1982 Kapsabet Boys’ High School Certificate of Secondary Education
  2. 1983-1984 Chogoria Boys High School Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education Chemistry, Biology, Physics
  3. 1986- 1989 Moi University Bsc.(Hons)Forestry
  4. 1995 Saxony Forestry Research Institute (Germany) Certificate Forest Survey
  5. 1991 Indian Plywood Research Institute (Bangalore) Certificate Forest Research Management
  6. 1997-1998 International Institute of Aerospace Survey and Earth Science (ITC-Netherlands) MSc. GIS Application in Forest Survey

Other Courses

  1. 2000 University of the Philippines Los Banos Certificate Bamboo management and Tissue Culture
  2. 2001 Indiana University (Bloomington-USA) Certificate Forest management
  3. 2003 - 2018 Indiana University (Bloomington-USA)Tokyo Japan (JICA) Write Up Fellowship Award Certificate Forest resource and Institutions management Sustainable Forest Management
Gordon Sigu Onduru