Gitehi Giathi

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Gitehi Giathi

Principal research Scientist
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Designation :Principal research Scientist
Expertise : Ecologist

Journal Papers

  1. Kamondo B.M. Kariuki J.G., Nyamongo D.O., Giathi G., Wafula A.W and G.M. Muturi. Effect of Temparature and Storage Duration on Viability of East African Sandalwood. East Africa. Agric. For. J. (Special issue)
  2. Bala, P, Giathi G, Oeba V, Omondi S F, Albert L, 1and Okeyo M. 2017 Effect of seasonality, graft type and scion characteristics on propagation of Vitex payos in the drylands of Kenya. Journal of Horticulture and Forestry Vol. 9(6), pp. 49-58,
  3. Giathi G, Machua J, Gathura M, Oeba V, Ingutia C .2017 The Effect of Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) Rooting Hormone on the Rooting of Camphor (Ocotea usambarensis) Coppice Stem Cuttings. International Journal of Novel Research in Life Sciences Vol. 4, Issue 2, pp: (15-21), Month: March – April 2017,
  4. Karachi, M., Giathi, G. and Muchiri , N. M. 2006. Factors Influencing the Natural Regeneration of Polysicias Kikuyuensis Summerh In Nyemweru forest-Kikuyu Escarpment, Kenya. Afr. J. Ecol, 45, 242-248
  5. Obiri, J.A.F., Giathi, G and Massawe, A. 1994. The effect of Cypress aphid on Cupressus lusitanica Orchards , in Kenya and Tanzania East Africa. Agric. For. J. 59(3) 227-234

Technical Notes /Protocols/Guidelines

  1. Giathi, G., Oeba, V., O. and Machua, J. 2012. Rooting ability of mature and juvenile stem cuttings of Meru oak (Vitex fischeri Gürke) under different rooting media and IBA concentrations
  2. Mbinga, J., Wamalwa, L. and Gitehi, G. 2006. Producing Pinus Patula Planting Materials Through Cuttings In Proceeding of the Third KEFRI Scientific Conference: 6-9 November 2006, Muguga
  3. Giathi G., S. Wairungu and J. Mukami 2012. The status and the Rehabilitation strategy of the degraded KEFRI_Gachuthi Natural forest. IUFRO-FORNESSA Regional congress & ITTO/AFFForest Policy Day 25-29 June 2012. Nairobi , Kenya
  4. Oeba V.O., Giathi, G. and Mbinga, J.Modelling the rooting ability of Polyscias kikuyuensis stem cuttings under different rooting media and Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA) concentrations using logistic regression. International Biometric Conference, Dublin, 13-18 July 2008
  5. Giathi , G. Kamondo, and Kyalo Collection and processing of improved melia seeds in Guidelines on Production and Distribution System for Improved Melia Seeds and Seedlings in the Drylands B., Musyoki, J., Njuguna, J., Takeda,Y., Kariuki,J.G.,S. Ogawa, Muturi,G.,Kigwa, B. Miyashita, H. and Hanaoka, S. 2016 of Kenya
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  8. Kamondo, B., Osore, C., Giathi, G., Kariuki, J. 2012. Collection, handling and germination of Osyris lanceolata seeds. Guidelines for farmers and Extension Agents


  1. Giathi, G, Kamondo, B, Njuguna, J.W, Mwangi, S, Kipkoech, N, Ingutia, C.2018. Rooting Sandalwood stem cuttings using low cost technology employed in commercial propagation of Camellia sinensis. Paper presented at the 4th DeKUT international Conference on science, Technology, Innovation & Entreprenuership 7th -9th Nov,2018. DeKUT main Campus, Nyeri
  2. G. Giathi, E. Kitheka, S. Kiama, E. Macharia, M. Mwangi, P. Osano, M. Sheikh, C. Kanyingi, G. Muturi and N. Oduor (2018). Degradation status and rehabilitation intervention potential in Dadaab sub-county, Kenya Paper presented at the 5th KEFRI scientific conference as a poster.
  3. Giathi, G., Kitheka, E., Kiama, S., Sheikh, M., Bala, P., Githiomi, J., Oduor, N., Mwangi, M., and Macharia, E,. 2016 . Tree species composition and diversity in areas of high charcoal production in Kitui County: A case in Ikutha and Mwingi sub-Counties. National Conference On Sustainable Land Management.1-4TH June 2016 -Nakuru
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  10. Giathi G. and Chagala, E. 1996. Lessons learnt from a Mexican Pine species/provenances trial at Londiani, Kenya in The Proceeding of a joint KEFRI-FD National Conference on “The Status of Forest Research and Management in Kenya”. 50-57
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  • 2011 to date Principal Research Officer KEFRI
  • 2002 2011 Senior Research Officer KEFRI
  • 1998-2002 Research Officer I KEFRI
  • 1994-1998 Research Officer II KEFRI
  • 1990-1994 Assistant Research Officer KEFRI

Academic Qualification

  • 2001-2005: MSc. (Natural resources management- (Forestry) Egerton University
  • 1987-1990:BSc. Forestry (Second class honour-Upper division) Moi University

Other Courses

  1. 2012 Scientific writing course
  2. 2005 Data Management, Data analysis and presentation of result
  3. 1996 Forestry Research (Forestry Genetic) 1996 15weeks, Japan
  4. 1995 Elementary course in applied biometrics, Statistical data analysis and experimental Planning
  5. 1992 Multipurpose tree improvement and management