Peter Muriithi Angaine

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Peter Muriithi Angaine

Senior Research Scientist
E-mail :
Researcher ID : 0000-0002-6477-8802
Designation : Senior Research Scientist (Seed Science-Forest productivity and Improvement Programme)
Expertise : Seed science, Forest ecology and silviculture

Journal Articles

  1. Angaine P.M., Onyango A.A., Ndung’u S.M., Inoti S.K., and Owino J.O. (2021): Influence of Cupressus lusitanica Mill. cones and seed characterization on germination in Kenya. Journal of Forests. Vol 8, Issue 2, pp 123-130,
  2. Joanne R. Russell, Hedley P.E., Cardle L., Dancey S., Morris J., Booth A., Odee D., Mwaura L.,Omondi W., Angaine P.,Machua J., Muchugi A.,Milne I., Kindt R.,Jamnadass R. and Dawson I.K (2014): TropiTree: an NGS-based EST-SSR resource for 24 tropical tree species. PLoS One.
  3. Angaine P.M., Onyango A.A. and Owino J.O. (2020): Morphometrics of Pinus patula crown and its effect on cone characteristics and seed yield in Kenya. Journal of Horticulture and Forestry. Vol.12 (3), pp. 94-100
  4. Onyango A.A., Angaine P.M Inoti S.K. and Owino J.O. (2020): Patula pine (Pinus patula) cones opening under different treatments for rapid seed extraction in Londiani, Kenya Journal of Horticulture and Forestry Vol.12 (2), pp. 63-69,
  5. Angaine P.M, Ndungú S.M., Onyango A.A., Owino J.O. (In print): Effect of Desiccation and Storage Environment on Longevity of Ehretia Cymosa Thonn. Seeds. Journal of Forest,
  6. Owino J.O., Angaine P.M., Onyango A.A., Ojunga S.O. and Otuoma J. (2020): Evaluating variation in seed quality attributes in Pinus patula clonal orchards using cone cluster analysis. Vol.12 (2), pp. 63-69 , April 2020
  7. Angaine P. M. (2005): The biology and ecology of Doum palm (Hyphaene compressa H wendl.) A case study of Meru National Park Kenya. (Msc Thesis, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia) (PDF)


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Technical Notes /Protocols/Guidelines

  1. KEFRI 2006-2021: Tree Seed Information Leaflets (No. 1-58), KEFRI, Nairobi. Compiled by Angaine P.M.
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  7. KEFRI 2016: A poster entitled ‘Guidelines on Raising Seedlings and Growing of Improved Melia volkensi. (For Seed/Seedling Users)’ Compiled and edited by Jason Kariuki, Peter Angaine and Bernard Kamondo
  8. Kamondo B, Angaine P. Vandenabeele J. (2013): Nurturing High Quality Tree Seed. Miti 19. The Tree Business Magazine for Africa. A publication of Better Globe. Issue No. 19 of September. 2013. P 32


  • July 2019 to Date: Senior Research Officer- Seed Science (under Forest Productivity and Improvement Programme) within Rift Valley Eco-region Research Programme (RVERP), Londiani
  • Sept. 1998 – July 2019: Research Officer/Manager- Kenya Forestry Seed Centre, Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)
  • July 1986-August 1998: Forester- Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)
  • Nov 1985-Jun 1986: Forester-Forest Department in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (ME&NR) and Kenya agricultural Research Institute (KARI)

Academic Qualification

  1. 2017 to Date: PhD candidate (Seed science), Kenyatta University
  2. 2005: Master of Science (MSc.) in Dryland Biodiversity from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.
  3. 1998: Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Natural Resources Management from Egerton University
  4. 2001: Diploma in business management from Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), Nairobi.
  5. 1985: Diploma in Forestry from Kenya Forestry College, Londiani
  6. 1980: Advanced level certificate from Nkubu High School, Meru
  7. 1978: Ordinary Level certificate from Nkubu High Scool, Meru

Other Courses

  1. 6th September- 4th October 1988: Attended a short course on tree seed technology in the then Federal Republic of West Germany sponsored by GTZ project.
  2. 2nd August-28th November 1992: Training in Farming Systems Approach (Field surveys using RRA and PRA tools) Organized by KWAP in Kericho.
  3. 28th February -10th March 2000: Training on Science Writing, Editing and Oral Presentation, held at KEFRI Headquarters
  4. 2002: Certificate in computer operations from Shavine Computer College, Nairobi.
  5. 7th -11th November 2005: Training course on “Competitive Grant Systems Proposal Writing” Organised by Research Programme on Sustainable Use of Dryland Biodiversity (RPSUD) held in Merica Hotel, Nakuru
  6. 25th June – 27th July 2001: “Certificate on the Management of Tree Seed Programmes” from Danida Forestry Seed Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark
  7. 26th -30th March 2007: Introduction to ISO 14001:2004, Effective Procedure Writing and EMS Internal Audit Course KEFRI Headquarters, Nairobi
  8. 11th-13th May 2009: Training Programme for Foresters/Seed Collection Officers Held at KEFRI H/quarters, Nairobi
  9. 11th-13th September 2013: Training on Internal Audit ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Management System) at KEFRI Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya.
  10. 3rd December 2007-25th January 2008: Strategic Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) No. 10/2007 at the Kenya Institute of Administration (KIA), Kabete, Nairobi.
  11. 9th-11th June 2010: Assessment and Examination for ISO 14001 Internal Environment Audit at KEFRI Headquarters, Nairobi
  12. 23rd -27th January 2012: Science writing course at Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya
  13. 13th -17th February 2012: Training in Development of Extension Materials, Held at KEFRI Headquarters, Nairobi
  14. 25th may -19th June 2015: Country Focused Training course on Extension, in Japan, Organized by JICA.
  15. 14th – 19th April 2019: Exposure visit to Commercial Forestry in South Africa organized by GATSBY Africa