Alice Adongo Onyango

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Alice Adongo Onyango

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Researcher ID : 0000-0001-7217-4534
Designation : Assistant Research Scientist
Expertise : Silviculture

Journal Papers

  1. Onyango A.A., Angaine P.M., Mbinga J., & Owino J.O. (2021): Variations in Cupressus lusitanica Mill. seed yield and quality under different extraction conditions in Kenya. International Journal of Forestry and Horticulture. Vol 7, Issue 1, 1-8. DOI:
  2. Angaine P.M., Onyango A.A., Ndung’u S.M., Inoti S.K., and Owino J.O. (2021): Influence of Cupressus lusitanica Mill. cones and seed characterization on germination in Kenya. Journal of Forests. Vol 8, Issue 2, pp 123-130,
  3. Angaine P.M, Ndungú S.M., Onyango A.A., Owino J.O. (2021): Effect of Desiccation and Storage Environment on Longevity of Ehretia cymosa Thonn. Seeds. Journal of Forests,
  4. Onyango, A. A., Angaine, P. M., Inoti, S. K., & Owino, J. O. (2020). Patula pine (Pinus patula)cones opening under different treatments for rapid seed extraction in Londiani, Kenya. Journal of Horticulture and Forestry, 12(2), 63-69.
  5. Owino, J. O., Angaine, P. M., Onyango, A. A., Ojunga, S. O., & Otuoma, J. (2020). Evaluating Variation in Seed Quality Attributes in Pinus Patula Clonal Orchards using Cone Cluster Analysis. Journal of Forests, 7(1), 1-8.
  6. Angaine, P. M., Onyango, A. A., & Owino, J. O. (2020). Morphometrics of Pinus patula crown and its effect on cone characteristics and seed yield in Kenya. Journal of Horticulture and Forestry, 12(3), 94-100.
  7. Otuoma, J., Nyongesah, J. M., Owino, J., Onyango, A. A., & Okello, V. S. (2020). Ecological Manipulation of Psidium guajava to Facilitate Secondary Forest Succession in Tropical Forests. Journal of Ecological Engineering, 21(7), 210-221.

Book Chapters

  1. Joram M. E. Mbinga, Stephen F. Omondi and AliceA. Onyango (2021) Conifers: Species Diversity and Improvement Status in Kenya in Conifers - Recent Advances.


  1. October 2016-Present: Kenya Forestry Research Institute Position: Research Scientist (Silviculturist)
  2. Jan 2014-Dec 2015: Kenya Forestry Service (MMMB Project). Position: Project Intern
  3. Oct 2011-Dec 2013: National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) Position: Volunteer
  4. May 2010-July 2010: Kenya Forestry Service (Dundori Forest Station, Nakuru) Position: Intern
  5. May 2009-July 2009: Kenya Forest Service (Nyanza Conservancy, Kisumu) Position: Intern

Academic Qualification

  1. 2019-Current: Egerton University - Master of Science in Natural Resources Management(Forest Resources Management Option)
  2. 2007-2011: Moi University, Chepkoilel Campus Bsc.(Forestry)
  3. 2002-2005: Nyabururu Girls’ High School KCSE 72pts ; B+
  4. 1994-2001: Lake Primary School KCPE – 377/500

Other Courses

  1. Seminar on the Implementation of United Nations Forest Instrument (UNFI) and Sustainable Forest Management for Developing Countries by Ministry of Commerce and National Forestry and Grassland Administration (NAFGA), China. Jul 21-Aug 3, 2021.
  2. Seminar on Natural Protected Areas Management and Biodiversity Conservation for the Belt and Road initiative countries by Ministry of Commerce and NAFGA, China. Sept 15-28, 2021.
  3. Seminar on Forestry addressing Climate Change and Sustainable Development for the Belt and Road initiative countries by Ministry of Commerce and NAFGA, China. Oct 20-Nov 2, 2021.
  4. raining on Hybridization of Pines and Eucalyptus species held in RVERP, Londiani, by CAMCORE & KEFRI, 2018.
  5. Certificate-Basic Information Technology-Sigotop Career Development College, 2007.