IPM Information

Pathology Information:

Species Name: Cercospora pini-densiflorae Hori & Nambu


Needle blight characterized by yellowing then browning of pine needles leading to premature leaf loss and tree

Browning of needles causing defoliation and stunted growth of saplings. The infection spreads to new regions or unaffected stock. Hyphae overwwinter in affected needles as latent pathogens and cause symptoms in warm wet conditions

Control methods:
Use of resistant or less susceptble species of Pine and other conifers

Growth stage: Late Nursery stage

Disease name: Needle blight of Pine

Synonym: Pseudocercospora pini-densiflorae (Hori & Nambu) Deighton

Host name: Pinus thunbergii

Host common name: Japanese Black Pine

Affected part: Leaves