Availability of quality seed is key to plantation forests development and tree planting by farmers. In recognition of the need to increase the forest cover, the government in its Sessional Paper No.9 (2005) on Forest Policy, has developed enabling guidelines for intensified tree planting inside and outside gazetted forests. The policy paper further emphasizes the need for availability of planting material to support the afforestation/reforestation programme. Tree seed is the most effective planting material available for this programme.
KEFRI is mandated to produce tree seed for all types of planting programmes. The Institute has increased its annual seed production from 3,000 kg to 6,000 kg. However, due to the sharp increase in demand for seed and considering the fact that seed sources, which were in plantations have been lost through excisions, the Institute has not been able to meet the growing demand for tree seed. The Institute has started an initiative to decentralise seed distribution to make it easily accessible to farmers.
The proposed intervention aims at expanding seed sources, improving management and protection, intensifying seed collection especially of indigenous species, improving quality and distribution. Efforts will also be made to fund raise to expand tree seed for conservation purposes.

The current Seeds and Plant Varieties Act and the Forests Act do not adequately and specifically address tree seed to facilitate accelerated forest development. The Institute will provide leadership in formulation of Tree Seed Policy and Regulation.



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