Kenya Forestry Research Institute
            A Centre of Excellence in Forestry Research

Forest Products Research Centre – Karura

pic1 The Forest Products Research Programme (FPRP) is mandated to undertake forestry research in harvesting, handling, processing and value addition of both wood and non-wood forest products. The Programme develops forestry technologies on: biofuels mainly charcoal and briquettes; timber engineering on various species including bamboo; and non wood forest products such as indigenous fruits, gums, resins, and aloe.

The Programme implements its research and development activities in two thematic areas; Forest Products Development and Technical Support Services.


FPRP – Karura Centre is situated in Karura Forest 6 km from Nairobi next to the Kenya Forest Service Headquarters, off the Kiambu Road, opposite the CID Headquarters.

Geographical Coverage

The Programme covers the whole country.

Research Focus

* Efficient utilization of wood resources

* Promotion of non-wood forest products through development of commercially viable products

* Development of diverse biomass fuelwood

Our Achievements

Forest Products Development

pic2 * Developed and promoted technologies for efficient timber sawing on-farm
* Developed technologies for utilizing waste timber through lamination
* Developed technologies for making bamboo beams for construction through lamination
pic3 * Developed technologies on charcoal making
* Developed technologies on briquetting using different binders
pic4 * Developed products from various indigenous fruits
* Promoted efficient harvesting and handling of gums and resins among rural communities

Technical Support Services

pic5 * Disseminated various technologies and information on forestry through open and field days, agricultural shows, conferences and workshops, print and electronic media.
* Trained stakeholders on use of bamboo, making various products from aloe and indigenous fruit trees, and efficient and safe use of chain saw on-farm.
* Connected products such as baobab fruit powder to an SME

Our Products

* Making of client specific wooden products
* Timber
* Aloe detergent

Our Services

* Training on processing of timber on-farm
* Training on diverse use of bamboo
* Training on making of products such as juice, jam, and soap from tree and non wood extracts
* Drying of timber using kilns
* Grading of timber
* wood identification
* Analysis of chemical composition of non-wood products