Farm Forestry Research Programme

   The forest cover in Kenya has been decreasing mainly due to
   conversion of forests to other land uses especially agriculture and
   settlement. The situation has further been aggravated by increased
   demand for forest products for a growing population.

   As one of the strategies to counter the decrease in forest cover, the
   government 11 years ago banned tree harvesting in state forests.
   Since then, the country has been sourcing domestic and industrial
   wood from farms, supplemented with timber imported from
   neighbouring countries.

   The over-dependence on farms for forest products has led to depletion
   of farmland wood stock.
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  The country therefore requires to urgently   intensify tree planting on farms to restock trees cut, as well as increase the number tree.

  The Sessional Paper No. 1 of 2007 on Forest Policy and the Forests Act (2005) emphasizes the development of Farm Forestry as a way of
  increasing the low forest cover, diversifying subsistence products and income, while contributing to soil and water conservation. The Agriculture
  Act (Cap. 318) on Farm Forestry Rules, 2009, stipulates a 10% forest cover on farms, while Sessional Paper No. 1 of 2007 on Forest Policy
  emphasizes the need to support farmers with sound management and utilization principles, incentives, information, better germplasm and
  marketing strategies. Thus farmers need to have a list of priority products from multipurpose trees in order to optimize production.

  The Farm Forestry Research Programme aims to develop appropriate on-farm tree management technologies and guidelines.

  The main focus and activities of Farm Forestry Research Programme include:

         * Development of management practices for fast growing tree species with high market demand.

         * Market research for on-farm forestry products.

         * Establishment of on-farm tree seed sources.

         * Fruit trees selection, propagation, and management.

         * Development of technologies for soil enrichment and conservation.

         * Evaluation and harnessing of traditional tree management practices.

         * Development of on-farm efficient wood conversion technologies.

         *Processing and value addition of non-wood forest products.

         *Policy analysis in on-farm forestry development.

         *Development of bio-fuels.
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